Boatyard FAQ

Here are a few questions we get asked on a regular basis. We hope they are useful to you.

Q. What does it cost to take my boat from the water to a trailer?

All the costs are outlined on our Boat Yard pricing page. That includes from water to yard, water to trailer, round trip haul outs, and quick lift rates.

Q. What are the storage costs per day?

Those costs are outlined in the last two columns of the Boat Yard pricing page.

Q. What are the Boatyard rules and regulations?

We are glad you asked! Find a detailed copy of them on the Yard Rules page. A signed copy of these is required before any work is done.

Q. What are the costs for the holding bays?

The first four hours are free. After four hours, the cost is $50.00 per day. No boat over 32 feet will be allowed in the holding bays at anytime, as they block lift access for the larger vessels.

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