Tech Specialists



Granville Island Boat Yard has many specialists available to help you with your boat maintenance and repair.

Our technicians are experienced in handling gas and diesel engines, rigging, fiberglass, gel coat, woodwork, electrical, mechanical, underwater services, restorations, bottom painting, waxing, polishing, and more!

Our location utilizes specialty marine products and supplies to ensure quality work, that is entirely to your satisfaction.

Below is a list of the many tech specialists available on site, listed by location.



Duranleau Street

Specialty Yachts Sales
102-1676 Duranleau Street

Roton Industries
1628 Duranleau Street

RR Yacht Services
106-1650 Duranleau Street

Triton Pacific Yacht Services
4-1650 Duranleau Street

Superstition Boatworks
103-1650 Duranleau St.

Blue Marine Service
104-1650 Duranleau Street

Blue Ocean Yacht Services
100 – 1656 Duranleau Street

Mast Tower Road

Blue Water Rigging
1815+1816 Mast Tower Road


Foreshore Walk

Blue Water Rigging
1523 Foreshore Walk

Skookum Yacht Services
Unit B 1625 Foreshore Walk

Explorer Yacht Services
Unit A 1625 Foreshore Walk