Boat Pressure Washing

Boat pressure washing is something that should be done at least on an annual basis. Our staff are experienced in cleaning the hulls with our professional washing system. If you are pressure washing your own boat, here are a few tips:

  • Insure all windows and hatches are closed and well sealed
  • Insure the water exits on the boat are working properly
  • Remove any items you don’t want to get wet (outdoor carpets etc…)
  • Make sure you have a means to get rid of excess water before you start power washing
  • Make sure the area is clean to insure you don’t track it back in the boat upon entry
  • Make sure the spray is 90 degrees to the surface for best results
  • Clean in small 3 to 4 foot sections keeping the nozzle perpendicular to the area
  • Start with the highest point of the boat area being cleaned
  • Rinse the areas cleaned to remove the cleaning solutions because, in many cases, there are specified times for the cleaning agents to be on the hull surfaces
  • When washing dock lines, apply plenty of water with no detergents
  • Topsides are done last
  • If your boat is equipped with the waterways, pull the plugs out to get rid of the water
  • use a squeegee and absorber to dry
  • Windows are cleaned separately with the appropriate solution
  • If you would like to book a hull cleaning, use the form below. We look forward to keeping your marine investment in good order.

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