Boat Pressure Washing

Boat pressure washing should be done on an annual basis – more often for racers. Our staff is experienced in cleaning hulls with our professional washing system. If you plan to pressure wash your own boat, here are a few tips:



  • Insure all windows and hatches are closed and well-sealed
  • Insure the water drains on the boat are open
  • Remove items you don’t want to get wet (outdoor carpets etc…)
  • Have a means to get rid of excess water before you start power washing
  • Make sure the area is clean to insure you don’t track dirt back in the boat upon entry
  • For best results, make sure the spray is directed at 90 degrees to the surface
  • Clean in small 3 to 4 foot sections keeping the nozzle perpendicular to the area
  • Start with the highest point of the boat’s hull being cleaned
  • In many cases, there are specific times for cleaning agents to be on hull surfaces
  • When washing dock lines, apply plenty of water with no detergents
  • Topsides are done last.
  • If your boat is equipped with waterways, pull the plugs out to get rid of the water
  • Use a squeegee and absorber to dry
  • Windows are cleaned separately with the appropriate solution
  • Do not allow wash water to spill over the sea wall; it must go down the drain and through our environmental protection system.


Power wash Prices:

$3.00 per linear foot of boat
$4.00 + per linear foot for heavy growth
i.e. if staff has to scrape mussels or barnacles.