Vancouver Boat Charters

Here is a list of Vancouver boat charters, rentals, and cruise companies associated with Maritime Market and Marina on Granville Island. If you want to go out fishing for the day, do a bareback charter, or just go out for the evening on a dinner cruise, there is a listing here for you. There is a boat supplier for most needs on Granville Island. We hope this is a useful list for your marine activities.

Accent Cruises
on a barge by Bridges Restaurant

Blue Pacific Yacht Charters
1809 and 1811 Maritime Mews

Bon Chovy Fishing Charters
202-1656 Duranleau Street

Bonnie Lee Charters
104-1676 Duranleau Street

Cooper Yacht Charters
1815 Mast Tower Road

Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres
1668 Duranleau Street

Granville Island Boat Rental
Located at the marina by Bridges Restaurant

Vancouver Sailing Club
1523 Foreshore Walk

Vancouver Water Adventures
1812 BoatLift Lane

Wild Whales of Vancouver Eco Tours
1805 Mast Tower Road

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