Boatlift Tips

1. Know Your Boat


  • One of the first boat lift tips is make sure you can locate any underwater gear on your boat (speedos, depth sounders, prop shafts, etc.)
  • Although it seems self-evident, make sure you are comfortable maneuvering your boat in reverse prior to attending the boatlift.
  • Check your bilges and engine compartments regularly to spot a potential problems early. By catching it earlier, the repair costs may well be reduced.
  • Anticipate the work that your boat requires prior to booking the lift to keep your boat storage charges to a minimum.


2. Plan Ahead


  • If you have your boat moored in the water, inspect it from time to time to ensure that there are no developing problems. Again, this is to catch things early.
  • Create a realistic work schedule, estimating the amount of yard time you will need.
  • Have all the supplies and/or parts that you will require in hand prior to lifting your boat. It saves you time and money in the daily storage charges.


3. Keep Open Lines Of Communications


  • Ensure that everyone involved with your haul-out knows exactly what you are intending to have done to your boat. If you are arranging other persons or contractors to work for you, double check that they understand the scope of work and request a completion date.
  • Read the Boat Yard Rules. You are responsible for the conduct of contractors and anyone attending your boat.


BC Marine Trades Association

Looking for Moorage?

Interested in moorage in the heart of Vancouver? Granville Island Boatyard is situated adjacent to the beautiful Maritime Market & Marina which offers long-term moorage on a ‘per linear foot’ basis. Click here for more information about Maritime Market & Marina.

Boat Maintenance

Granville Island Boat Yard has many specialists available to help you with your boat maintenance and repair, including gas and diesel engines, rigging, fiberglass, gel coat, woodwork, electrical and electronic, mechanical, underwater services, restorations, bottom painting, waxing and polishing and all necessary specialty marine products and supplies for quality work that is entirely to your satisfaction. Contact us today regarding your boat lift!