Boatyard FAQ

giby08bHere are a few questions we get asked on a regular basis. We hope the answers are useful to you.


Q. What does it cost to take my boat from the water to a trailer?

All the costs are outlined on our Boat Yard Pricing Sheet. A “Round Trip Haulout” means lifting, blocking (putting it on boat stands) and launching your boat. A “One Way Lift” means lifting the boat and keeping it in the slings for an inspection or quick repair job, then launching it.

Q. What are the storage costs per day?

Those costs are outlined in the last two columns of the Boat Yard Pricing Sheet.

Q. What are the Boatyard rules and regulations?

We are glad you asked! Find a detailed copy of them on the Yard Rules page. A signed copy of these is required before any work is done.

Q. What are the costs for the holding bays?

The first four hours are free. After four hours, the cost is $50.00 per day. No boat over 32 feet will be allowed in the holding bays at anytime as they block lift access for larger vessels.

Q. What if I miss my appointment?

If you don’t show up for your reservation, and do not call to inform us,  you have tied up a multi-million dollar facility, two operators and half a million dollars’ worth of mobile equipment – and prevented another customer from using that time slot. We do not require a deposit for your appointment, but if you do miss your booking keep in mind it may be weeks before the next available appointment – particularly in the busy spring/summer season. If you can’t make it, please give us as much notice as possible, so that we can contact customers who are on our cancellation list and keep things running smoothly.

Q. Can I work on my own boat?

Yes, you can – though please note that you will be subject to the Yard Rules, particularly as they apply to cleanup. We have disposal drums for contaminants. Please read the signs and use the correct drums for oil and antifreeze.

Looking for Moorage?

Interested in moorage in the heart of Vancouver? Granville Island Boatyard is situated adjacent to the beautiful Maritime Market & Marina which offers long-term moorage on a ‘per linear foot’ basis. Click here for more information about Maritime Market & Marina.

Boat Maintenance

Granville Island Boat Yard has many specialists available to help you with your boat maintenance and repair, including gas and diesel engines, rigging, fiberglass, gel coat, woodwork, electrical and electronic, mechanical, underwater services, restorations, bottom painting, waxing and polishing and all necessary specialty marine products and supplies for quality work that is entirely to your satisfaction. Contact us today regarding your boat lift!